Is There A Reason For So Many 5linx Complaints?

Published: 15th January 2010
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If you search on the Internet for 5linx complaints there is no doubt that you will find an absolutely huge array of them all over the place. However, are valid or are they just people complaining without any particular reason?

In your search, one of the biggest five links complaints to be seen is that it is a complete fraud and or pyramid scheme. Let me first say that it is not a scam in the least bit. If you do your research the corporation behind it has been in the Inc. 500 list for several years. There is no way that a company that large could be a scam or illegal pyramid scheme.

Secondly, there are a whole host of illegitimate five links complaints from former business opportunity distributors in the company who completely were off base when he began to work the business and thought it would take very little effort while the reward would be astronomical

This could not be further from the truth. As is the case with any business, home business or a brick-and-mortar business you need to put work and effort in for you to possibly reap the rewards.

Finally, another typical 5linx complaint from those not associated with the company itself is at its distributors spew out worn out catchphrases like "a can't miss opportunity", "it is the fastest growing company", "changed my life".

Now, forget about all the harsh words about a possible 5linx scam, and really take a good look at the business overall.

Like I stated before, the trap that many from this company, and any MLM Company for that matter fall into is they rely on features of the products and company to build their business instead truly learning how to market them.

At its core, marketing is the process of finding people with a need or desire and giving and selling them what they want. So, in this case a great question to ask might be, who is looking for savings on telecom service or, in the case of the business opportunity, who is actively looking to make a supplementary, or even full-time income?

We are very privileged today in the fact that you can use the Internet and market online to very quickly and systematically identify people who are looking for solutions that your products or business can solve.

If you really want to build your business on a solid foundation online, and put all the hysterical 5linx complaints behind you, read below and click on the link for more information.

This 5linx complaint Review is just one of many tools to help you learn the truth and grow your business.

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